Brand & Marketing Advocacy

Far more valuable than anything your brand can have.
More effective engagement through user-generated content.

What is brand and marketing advocacy

People publicly advocating about you

More than 80% of people research online before buying.

Brand and Marketing Advocacy are about those people who love your brand and continue to promote organically your brand to new customers.

It is about creating a strategic program and getting your existing happy customers to talk about your products and services.

Team of Advocates for Good Causes Companies

Who we are
Team of teams

A nonemployer brand and marketing advocate agency, acting as a lead agency to guide multiple agencies and internal marketing teams covering the advocate marketing field. 

Collaborate with your people

Strategists, creatives, digital marketers and other specialists will work together to collaborate with your marketing team or with your agencies to create and develop a system for identifying, nurturing and mobilizing your brand advocates through a complete advocate marketing program.

Our philosophy

We believe in trust, strategy, empathy, innovation, flexibility,  entrepreneurship and ethics. We work and perform with talents and companies all over the world.

Simplified processes

From our experience with brands in industries like Financial, Law, IT, Automotive, Energy, Culture, NGO, Healthcare, we see them seeking more simplified marketing processes. 

How can we help

How do you benefit as a Company Director or Business Owner
How do you benefit as a Marketing Professional

Having a network of specialized agencies and experts, we ensure our clients receive the expertise that they need through a predictable process.

Work with us

Build connections and trust with your best marketers: your own customers. We can guide you through the process.

Are you a marketer searching for meaning in your career or are you willing to work more for good causes? Let's keep in touch, we'll keep you updated about our projects.

Phone: +40 744 972 924